Tom Copley

Is Transport for London Consulting allowed to bid to run suburban rail services in London, whether alone or as part of a consortium, and is this your intention?

Jennette Arnold

Can you please explain the changes to the draft Transport Strategy since it was published for consultation, and why those changes have been made?

Caroline Pidgeon

Please state the specific reasons why TfL is no longer intending to fund the improvements to Bridge Road at Hook Road roundabout in Kingston?

Caroline Pidgeon

In answer to question 2017/1699 ( you stated that TfL is currently conducting research to understand the emissions of Transport Refrigeration Units in London.   Please provide an update on this research work and clarify when this research will be published.


David Kurten

Given the current financial situation of TFL, how will this impact on your capital investment programme?

Andrew Dismore

What progress is being made to resolve the continuing complaints over the No 13 bus service?

Tom Copley

Following MQT 2017/4482 can you now confirm how many warranted officers, Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), traffic wardens or police staff do you expect to be provided over the course of this current TfL business plan to 2022/23? Please break down this figure by BTP, MPS & City of London Police and by financial year.

Tom Copley

Following MQT 2017/4480 can you now confirm what funding do you plan to provide over the course of this current TfL business plan to 2022/23? Please break down by financial year and police force.

Tom Copley

When will "The Knowledge" become a formal qualification?

Tom Copley

TfL has published a table showing Recorded crime figures for Taxi and Private Hire journey-related sexual offences 2002-2016. Can you break down the table to show a) Offences committed by Taxi drivers and b) committed by PHV drivers?


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