Caroline Pidgeon

Will you commit to scrapping the BCU programme if residents experience a worse police response than before?

Caroline Pidgeon

How will you measure whether the BCU trials in progress have been a success?

Caroline Pidgeon

What is the current ratio of Sergeant to officers in the Met's Safer Neighbourhood Teams?

Caroline Pidgeon

Please provide the current number of safer neighbourhood PCSOs for every ward in London.

Caroline Pidgeon

Will you and the Major Events Oversight Board consider matching more London events to your Borough of Culture project?

Caroline Pidgeon

When reviewing the criteria of suitability for events in London, how do the Major Events Oversight Board take the impact on local areas into account?

Caroline Pidgeon

When did the Major Events Oversight Board last meet?  Where are the minutes for these meetings available?

Caroline Pidgeon

How many assaults have taken place in care homes across the capital for the years 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17?

Caroline Pidgeon

Given Farringdon will soon provide direct access to three airports, will you give consideration along the lines of Hong Kong - where passengers are able to check in luggage for flights at the station so removing the need of passengers to transport luggage to airports.

Navin Shah

The toolkit for Met police officers in dealing with crime has been boosted by the announcement of an increase in Taser carrying officers. In October 2013, Police and Crime Committee produced a report into the rollout of Tasers which recommended 'a proposed programme of public engagement by the MPS to allow it and MOPAC to hear from those directly affected by the changes, before they are agreed'. Would it be fair to say that this decision has been taken without this recommendation having been fully implemented?


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