Siân Berry

What was the total automatic facial recognition operational capacity used a) inside, and b) outside the Notting Hill Carnival footprint in 2017?

Siân Berry

Which of the front counters and Metropolitan police stations on the list included in MOPAC's Public Access and Engagement Strategy consultation document are CitySafe Havens and what is the current total number for CitySafe Havens in London?

Siân Berry

With increases in the number of Metropolitan Police officers armed with firearms and tasers, and the use of intrusive tactics such as spit hoods and stop and search, what steps are you taking to ensure the human rights of all Londoners are respected?

Peter Whittle

Now that Islamist terrorism has become a regular occurrence in London, what plans have been set in hand to ensure that all Met, City of London and British Transport Police officers are armed, or at least, equipped with a taser, whilst on duty on London's streets and transport network.


Peter Whittle

To ask the Mayor how much the Metropolitan Police has spent on translators over the last five years.

Peter Whittle

To ask the mayor if anyone at New Scotland Yard foresaw the media firestorm that would follow Deputy Commissioner Mackay's comments in the Evening Standard on 25 August 2017 and if not, why not?

Peter Whittle

I have noted the controversy generated by the comments made by Deputy Commissioner Mackey in the Evening Standard on 25 August 2017 that crime victims may not get a visit from the police if they speak good English. Has the Metropolitan Police now changed this policy so that all victims are treated equally, irrespective of what language they speak? Londoners expect police to respond according to the seriousness of the offence - not the personal circumstances of the victim.

Peter Whittle

To ask the Mayor how many facial images does the Metropolitan Police hold on their own Facial Recognition Database and to ask what (if any) plans have been made to merge these holdings with the Police National Database.

Peter Whittle

To ask the mayor what progress has been made in arranging the sale of the three water cannon procured by his predecessor, following the 2011 riots.

Peter Whittle

To ask the mayor if the terrorist who attacked three police officers with a sword outside Buckingham Palace on 25 August 2017 was an Uber driver licenced by TfL and whether this was logged as a hate crime.


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