Andrew Dismore

I understand that the Met.'s target for I calls attendance time has been adjusted from the original 12 minutes to a longer 15 minutes: whose decision was this, why, and were you consulted?

Unmesh Desai

A report released in August on digital policing by the think tank 'Reform' outlines how demand on policing has changed as crimes such as robbery and criminal damage have fallen over the past two decades whilst crimes with a digital element such as fraud and internet enabled child abuse have risen. Do the Metropolitan Police Service have the resources and skills to deal with the changing nature of crime?

Unmesh Desai

How will the Crown Prosecution Service's updated guidelines on online hate crime assist the Mayor and the Metropolitan Police Service in tackling this crime?

Unmesh Desai

Following reports that of the 5,050 trained Metropolitan Police officers trained to carry out pursuits since 2012 and the 315 of these that have reached 'tactical pursuit and containment' level since 2014, are there plans to increase the number of officers trained in both pursuits and in 'tactical pursuit and containment'?

Unmesh Desai

What advice is available for police officers in dealing with reported 'upskirting' incidents?

Unmesh Desai

How many reports of 'upskirting' have the Metropolitan Police Service received in the past twelve months?

Unmesh Desai

How many total rest days have been cancelled for police officers in each month of 2017 and how many were cancelled in each month of 2016?

Unmesh Desai

What are the Metropolitan Police Service's targets for answering 999 calls (e.g. 90% of 999 calls to be answered within ten seconds)?

Unmesh Desai

In August West Midlands Police described the largest ever gang injunction in Birmingham, which saw eighteen men from two criminal gangs banned from appearing in music videos, being forbidden from associating with each other, including whilst in prison and prohibited from entering certain parts of the city centre as 'a landmark ruling'. What role do you think large scale injunctions could play in countering criminal activity committed by gangs in London?

Siân Berry

In response to the Police and Crime Committee's report 'The diversity of the MET's frontline', published in December 2014, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) confirmed that it was "just finalising a new outsourced exit interview survey" to help better understand the reasons women and BAME officers/staff leave the MPS. From these interview findings, by year and in table format, could you provide details of a) the most common reasons why BAME women left, and b) whether they were officers or staff members?


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