Tony Devenish

What specific proposals has the Mayor undertaken in his first 15 months, to work with local authorities and other key stakeholders outside London across the broader South East of England, to achieve quantifiable objectives?

Fiona Twycross

What is the impact of the Government's new childcare scheme in London?

Fiona Twycross

Following reports over the summer of increased outward migration, what impact, if any, do you anticipate continued outward migration of citizens from other EU countries to have on London's economy?

Fiona Twycross

What are the a) numbers b) nationalities and c) sectors of work in London most impacted by the reported outward migration of citizens from other EU countries returning to their country of origin due to Brexit?

Fiona Twycross

Can you tell me when your Deputy Mayor for social integration, social mobility and community engagement and social evidence working group expects to complete the evidence base for the GLA? Will this data be publicly available on the GLA's datastore?

Fiona Twycross

October 2017 sees the start of the next phase of Universal Credit rollouts in London. A number of MPs have called for this to be postponed until next year to avoid delays to payments and hardship over the Christmas period. There are also claims that Universal Credit it not yet ready for wider rollout. What is your view on this?

Navin Shah

Good growth needs to be diverse growth, not only dictated to by diversity of locations on London, but also by London's diverse communities. How will you ensure good growth projects not only appeal to diverse audiences, but bring about stronger cohesion between communities?

Andrew Dismore

The Grenfell Tower Judicial Inquiry opens today: are you satisfied with the terms of reference; and what representation have you arranged for the GLA, Met Police, and London Fire Brigade?


Andrew Dismore

Given the huge success of this summer's World Athletics and Para Athletics championships in London, what discussions are you having towards bringing the games back to London on a future occasion?

Caroline Russell

It is National Sporting Heritage Day on 30 September 2017.  Please comment on the role Crystal Palace Park and the National Sports Centre have played in helping people and communities come together through sport over the years.


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