Tony Devenish

Has the Mayor read the recent Lancet Psychiatry article on 'skunk', where it was reported that a quarter of new cases of psychosis were caused by this highly potent form of cannabis? What practical steps can the Mayor take to tackle such cannabis abuse?

Fiona Twycross

What is your estimate of the number of children that went hungry in London during the recent school holidays?

Onkar Sahota

The Metropolitan Police Service received a phone call related to mental health every five minutes last year. This represents an increase of almost one third compared to 2011-12. ( What do you think has caused the rise in demand and how is the Met coping with the increase?

Onkar Sahota

What view does the Mayor take on recent reports that as many as a quarter of private hospitals in the UK are utilising charitable status to avoid business rate liabilities, given NHS property is subject to non-domestic rates, and will he outline what the financial impact is to the GLA's precept?

Onkar Sahota

Will the Mayor outline what steps he is taking to allay the concerns of the London Ambulance Service, NHS England (London), NHS Improvement and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust that the current access arrangements for the Paddington Quarter development will have an adverse effect on emergency access to St Mary's Hospital, and will he commit to me to review the plans to ensure that vital time is not lost?

Onkar Sahota

Further to MQ 2013/2656 & MQ 2013/2657, and given the considerable interest and concern that local residents along the route have for the future service they should expect from Crossrail; will the Mayor give reassurances to commuters using Hayes & Harlington, Southall, Hanwell, West Ealing, Ealing Broadway and Acton Mainline stations that they too will benefit from increased services at their stations as a result of the extra trains per hour being laid on West of Paddington; and will he confirm to me how many trains will serve each of these stations per hour in both directions?

Tom Copley

How does the Mayor plan to work with the NHS and organisations such as Pathway to ensure that London's health services play their part in delivering person-centred services for homeless people, working pan London and crossing the boundaries between health, housing, social care and other services?

Peter Whittle

To ask the Mayor how many fines the Metropolitan Police has handed out since the ban on adults smoking while a child was present in their car was introduced earlier this year. 

Onkar Sahota

Your campaign ThriveLDN is an important intervention into the often ignored world of mental health. What do you see ThriveLDN achieving and how will you measure its success?

Onkar Sahota

I have been asked by a constituent: What progress has the Mayor made toward identifying what can be done to assist public transport users accessing priority seats for those with non-visible disabilities, who might otherwise be embarrassed to ask other passengers to move?


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