Joanne McCartney

How many, and what proportion of Countdown Information Boards in London display air pollution levels?

Leonie Cooper

Further to Assembly Member Arnold's question on burst water mains and your response in December, have you as yet heard from Thames Water with regard to the report being prepared by Paul Cuthill, originally due out in February, as many Londoners remain very concerned about flooding from burst water mains?

Leonie Cooper

Please provide more details on DD 2052, The Connection Gardening and Horticulture Project?

Leonie Cooper

When do you hope to complete the full options appraisal for Energy for London?

Leonie Cooper

How will your proposed scheme ensure it does not lead to increase in the number of petrol vehicles?

Leonie Cooper

What reduction in emissions has been modelled to occur if the government took up your proposal for a scrappage scheme?

Leonie Cooper

Will the spatial analysis due to be published this spring, outlined in MQ 2017/0528, be made publicly available?

Leonie Cooper

What support do you plan to provide to local energy co-operatives such as Brixton Energy?

Leonie Cooper

What plans do you have to work with campaigners and the plastics industry, to reduce single use plastic bottles

Leonie Cooper

One of my constituents, who lives in sheltered housing and has restricted mobility, has asked why bus routes 28 and 220 do not as yet have the new cleaner buses on these routes, and why is Mapleton Road still being used by such buses, which are polluting the area near the sheltered accommodation?


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