Caroline Russell

Will you ask Londoners if they want a London-wide Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) for all vehicles?

Shaun Bailey

There are over 2000 schools in London. What consultation have you had with them ahead of floating the idea of banning the "school run"?

Shaun Bailey

Has the modelling taken place to investigate the likelihood of additional hotspots being created if the proposed ULEZ expansion to the North and South Circulars goes ahead? If so where are they and what are the health consequences of them?

Shaun Bailey

How much will air pollution increase around the North and South circulars if the ULEZ is extended to that boundary?

Shaun Bailey

How much will air pollution increase at junctions due to the Mini Holland Schemes, broken down by scheme?

Shaun Bailey

How will the implementation of proposed cycling infrastructure benefit air quality in the short term before significant modal shift occurs?

Shaun Bailey

How many additional hotspots will be developed due to the proposed extension of the ULEZ to the North and South Circulars?

Florence Eshalomi

A University of Surrey study has recommended that exposure to pollutants might be reduced by increasing the trains and buses frequency, especially during peak hours. Do you agree with this recommendation and what action are you taking to increase the frequency of services?

Joanne McCartney

A constituent has asked me to enquire what is happening to the £13m that was awarded by DfT Go Ultra Low Cities in Jan 2016 to London?

Joanne McCartney

Have you been able to measure the success of displaying air pollution levels on Countdown Information Boards?


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