Leonie Cooper

Will TfL be considering any further exemptions from these charges for vehicles which have been adapted to reduce emissions? If not, why not?

Leonie Cooper

I have been contacted by a constituent who owns a car which has been adapted to run on LPG fuel. He has entered his vehicle registration on TfL's website checker tool but it seems he will still be required to pay the full charge for the ULEZ. Why are vehicles which have been adapted to use alternative fuels not exempt from paying these charges?

Leonie Cooper

What is being done to identify and repair missed sewer connections to avoid water contamination in London?

Leonie Cooper

If the report into Air Quality does not guarantee the future of Crossrail 2 or the improvement of road transportation and emissions, and does not prevent the expansion at Heathrow, what representations will you be making to the Government?

Leonie Cooper

I have received complaints concerning damage to property in their canal boats after riverboats have passed at speed and created a high amount of wash. What is being done to encourage the purchase of boats by TfL, private companies and the PLA that do not produce high amounts of wash as they pass through London?

Tony Devenish

I very much welcome TfL's participation in the Nitrous accelerator. Please give details on how the data will be mined, how the taxpayer will benefit if one or more of the six start-ups succeeds and, post the NHS cyber-attack, how the data will remain secure?

Steve O'Connell

The Chiltern Road junction is already one of the most polluted locations in Belmont & Sutton Council is planning for a new secondary school provision on the Sutton Hospital Site by 2018, which will exacerbate pollution levels. Mr Mayor, in light of your recent call for traffic to be banned on some roads near schools in a bid to tackle air pollution, what is your opinion of the proposal to build a school with its entrance directly on an unsafe and highly polluted junction?

Caroline Russell

Will you publish the Energy for Londoners 'options appraisal' report you commissioned alongside your forthcoming environment strategy?

Caroline Russell

I welcome the announcement of your 'cleaner vehicles check' scheme to provide the public with independent test results of all new vehicles based on 'real-world driving emissions'. Will you look at the feasibility of using this for setting a ULEZ standard for diesel vehicles, so that Euro 6 diesel models found to be significantly over the emissions specified by manufacturers are charged the same as other non-compliant vehicles?

Caroline Russell

The Government recently consulted on its preferred option for a third runway at Heathrow in its 'Draft Airports National Policy Statement'.  If the third runway goes ahead, what is your assessment of the impact on the date London will achieve pollution limit compliance?


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