Jennette Arnold

St. Mary's Secret Garden in my constituency of Hackney, is a valued and rare community green space that provides a therapeutic service to residents with learning difficulties and mental health issues, I am concerned about the lack of support and dwindling funding that charities such as these can access. What are you doing to help protect these valuable pocket parks and green spaces in London?

David Kurten

Have you incorporated tropospheric ozone levels in London into your air quality, or climate change action plans?

David Kurten

To ask the Mayor what representations he has made to the Secretary of State for Defence, or the Civil Aviation Authority about the fact that RAF Northolt has been stealthily increasing the volume of its commercial flights over recent years, so that now, most flights are non-military. The Ministry of Defence has successfully used the airbase's military status to allow 12,000 commercial flights a year, whilst carefully avoiding any meaningful public consultation on what is essentially, a change of use.

Nicky Gavron

I have received a complaint from a constituent about excessive noise pollution from cars with modified exhausts in the Kensington area - with some reaching an estimated 100 decibels. Please can you inform me what is being done to enforce existing regulations on this issue and prevent modified exhausts from being allowed on London roads?

Andrew Dismore

Further to Question No: 2017/1824

What progress is being made by the Foreign Secretary in instituting proceedings at the International Court of Justice to clarify the law regarding diplomatic immunity in order to force recalcitrant governments to pay the congestion charge?

Your response being:

"TfL has always been clear that the Congestion Charge is a charge for a service and not a tax. This means that foreign diplomats are not exempt from paying it.

Andrew Dismore

Further to Question No: 2017/0559

Can you please give the numbers of tube noise complaints TfL have received for the past 5 years - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 - and their location on the tube map?

your response being:

Unmesh Desai

What are the monthly readings for air quality monitors on the 25/N25 bus route for 2016?

Unmesh Desai

How many times have the air quality monitors installed on the route of the 25/N25 bus recorded a breach in the recommended pollution limits in the past year?

Unmesh Desai

What air quality monitors are installed on the route of the 25/N25 bus in each borough the route serves?

Unmesh Desai

How many 'green' buses are operating in the London Borough of Newham and which routes do they serve?


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