David Kurten

Have you considered the negative effects of tropospheric ozone in your strategy for improving air quality?

Caroline Pidgeon

Some constituents argue that the ULEZ should be small and tightly focussed, with an aggressive focus on hotspots in Central London, in order to achieve the greatest pollutant reduction at the lowest cost.  What action are you taking to tackle these pollution hotspots in the capital's centre?

Leonie Cooper

Are we still on target for a Hybrid Bill going through Parliament in 2019?

Tony Devenish

Will the Mayor rule out expanding the hours of the Congestion Charge during his tenure?

Tony Devenish

Have any boroughs communicated or indicated to the Mayor that they would want the Congestion Charge Zone extended to their boroughs? If so, which boroughs?

Tony Devenish

Will the Mayor rule out expanding the Congestion Charge Zone beyond its current boundaries during his tenure?

Florence Eshalomi

Last Month Lambeth held a Clean Air Week to highlight the Air pollution issues in the Borough. What help are you giving Lambeth Residence to clean up their air?

Joanne McCartney

Which schools in Enfield & Haringey are due to receive an Air Quality Audit ?

Joanne McCartney

Can you update on when the details of the first 50 schools due to receive an Air Quality Audit are due to be published?

Nicky Gavron

At the October 2016 MQT, in response to a question from Nicky Gavron, the Mayor said “We are giving expertise now in relation to viability [and] we should be thinking about giving help in relation to environmental issues. Can I go away and think about that and talk to my Deputy Mayor [for Environment and Energy], Shirley Rodrigues, and also the Deputy Mayors for Planning and Housing to see how we can do that?” Have you worked out how this can be done?


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