Leonie Cooper

What are the targets and deadlines for the Mayor's forthcoming Energy Efficiency Fund (MEEF)?

Leonie Cooper

When will Londoners be able to register their interest in taking part in this scheme?

Leonie Cooper

What progress has been made on your reverse solar auction?

Tony Devenish

Has your Energy Team read research by Gordon Hughes, a former Professor of Economics at Edinburgh University that solar power costs now run at £22/MWh on average, implying the wholesale energy market paid £38.50/MWh for a service only worth £16.50 to it. Does the Mayor comprehend such subsidies are often paid for by some of the poorest Londoners and this may well become a bigger problem as renewables grow as a proportion of the energy mix?

Shaun Bailey

How many trees are you aiming to plant in London by 2020?

Shaun Bailey

Please provide a breakdown of the times and locations at which trees have been planted by the GLA, TfL and partners since you became Mayor

Shaun Bailey

How many trees have been planted by the GLA, TfL and its partners since you became Mayor?

Leonie Cooper

Trees which had been intended for the Garden Bridge are currently being grown in nurseries across the UK. As these have been purchased and lovingly grown with public money, will you now take ownership of these and donate them to community gardeners, pocket parks and schools across the capital to genuinely offer the green benefit which the Bridge would not have offered?

Leonie Cooper

A resident has asked me whether the source for the hydrogen that will be used in the hydrogen buses is a sustainable source?

Leonie Cooper

A number of constituents have expressed concern about air quality in Tooting Town centre, especially where the numerous buses stop along Mitcham Road, and wait at the bus stand/turning circle all close to the Tooting Broadway Underground Station. While local residents value the excellent connectivity, most of the buses are not the cleaner buses, and residents would like to know if there is a timetable for bringing the cleanest buses onto the routes that pass through Tooting Town Centre?


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