Usdaw’s ‘Save Our Shops’ Campaign

MQT on 2019-05-16
Session date: 
May 16, 2019
Question By: 
Joanne McCartney
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Usdaw’s ‘Save Our Shops Campaign’ is calling on the Government to take more action to support our local high streets, and keep local shops open. They have called for 

(a) Economic measures to create a more level playing field between the high street and online retailing.

(b)Fair pay and job security for retail workers – a minimum wage of £10 per hour, tackle zero-hours and short-hours contracts, investment in skills and training, and

(c) Government action to protect jobs in the retail sector.

What can and are you doing in London to support this campaign?


Usdaw’s ‘Save Our Shops’ Campaign

Usdaw’s ‘Save Our Shops’ Campaign

Answered By: 
The Mayor

My draft London Plan and my Economic Development Strategy encourage boroughs to deliver town centre strategies in partnership with local businesses and residents, that set out a clear vision for the regeneration that London’s high streets need.

Protecting our high streets and the retail sector is vital, which is why I will continue to campaign for the full devolution of business rates, so we can address London’s unique business environment and safeguard businesses and jobs that so many depend on. I welcome recent Government proposals for an online sales tax aimed at levelling the playing field and providing support for struggling retailers. However, this should be part of a wider package of reforms aimed at supporting the high street.

Since coming into office, I have introduced a range of initiatives to support London High Streets and our retail sector - around £26m of my two initial Good Growth funding rounds has been directed towards High streets and town centre improvements.

I have also reconvened the High Streets Sounding Board which includes representatives from a range of specialists in the sector. They will be advising me on how best to address some of the challenges the retail sector is facing.

Answer for Usdaw’s ‘Save Our Shops’ Campaign