Rotherhithe Crossing (2)

MQT on 2019-05-16
Session date: 
May 16, 2019
Question By: 
Andrew Boff
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Please provide me with an itemised breakdown of how the total amount of money spent on the Rotherhithe Crossing project was spent?


Rotherhithe Crossing (2)

Rotherhithe Crossing (2)

Answered By: 
The Mayor

The provision of a new crossing on the Thames in this part of London is highly complex and requires significant work to determine the different options, costs and benefits. This includes extensive engagement with stakeholders to robustly determine design, construction and operational requirements.

The itemised breakdown of how money was spent developing the crossing to date is as follows.

Item Cost (£m)
Preliminary analysis 0.3
Feasibility  3.7
Concept Design 8.3
Total 12.3