London's Motorists [4]

Session date: 
February 7, 2019
Question By: 
Florence Eshalomi
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London) & Mike Brown MVO (Commissioner, Transport for London)


Florence Eshalomi AM:  Apologies, kids.  Mr Mayor, coming back to the ULEZ and the fact that it is the poorest Londoners who are suffering with poor air quality, the action that you are introducing will have a big impact on helping children like this in terms of improving their lungs.  I know that there is a scrappage scheme you have launched and I should declare an interest in that I do have a car and I do drive but it is literally to Tesco’s and back.  The fact is that there are a number of small businesses who are concerned.  Can you update me on what is happening on that scrappage scheme and if you continue to lobby Government to match that?

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London's Motorists [4]

London's Motorists [4]

Answered By: 
Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London) & Mike Brown MVO (Commissioner, Transport for London)

Sadiq Khan (Chair, Transport for London):  Yes.  Can I just say in passing how disappointed I am that Assembly Member Bailey AM beat Assembly Member Boff?  I would have loved to have hustings where this guy loses his rag, but there you go.  I will have to deal with Assembly Member Bailey.


Dealing with your question on the scrappage scheme, we have announced £23 million for a London scrappage scheme.  It is worth reminding Londoners that despite me lobbying the Government to assist us with our scrappage scheme, it has declined to so far, but I am hopeful that the conversations I have had with Michael Gove [Secretary of State for Defra] will lead to some fruition so that we can help more Londoners move from polluting vehicles to cleaner forms of vehicle.  It is important to remind ourselves that the Conservative Party opposes a ULEZ beginning on 9 April [2019].