Teachers Benefitting from Teach London

MQT on 2019-10-17
Session date: 
October 17, 2019
Question By: 
Jennette Arnold OBE
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


How many teachers have benefited from Teach London?


Teachers Benefitting from Teach London

Teachers Benefitting from Teach London

Answered By: 
The Mayor

We promote Teach London to schools and teacher training providers who have the key relationship with prospective teachers. Developed in partnership with London’s teaching schools, the Teach London website provides the education sector with a set of resources and positive messaging about starting and developing a teaching career in London. It also promotes local recruitment fairs and links to teaching jobs in London boroughs. The breadth of the campaign, and the fact that it is targeted at those considering a career in teaching, means it is not possible to put a figure on how many have benefitted.

Later this month I will be sending a video message and e-bulletin welcoming all this year’s newly qualified teachers in our London schools. I urge them to make the most of support from City Hall which can help make their first year of teaching a success – from the London Curriculum to my London Scientist and Healthy Schools London programmes.