Wheelchair accessible dwellings (2)

MQT on 2019-09-12
Session date: 
September 12, 2019
Question By: 
Tom Copley
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Of “wheelchair user dwellings” and other new accessible housing funded by the GLA, what proportion is Specialist Older Persons’ Accommodation? What steps are you taking to make sure there are more “wheelchair user dwellings” and other accessible housing available for those of all ages who need it?


Wheelchair accessible dwellings (2)

Wheelchair accessible dwellings (2)

Answered By: 
The Mayor

The GLA does not collate specific information on the proportion of GLA funded housing overall that is Specialist Older Persons housing.

To provide suitable housing and genuine choice for London’s diverse population, including disabled people, older people and families with young children, my draft London Plan Policy D5 Accessible housing aims to increase housing choice and the proportion of London’s housing stock which is accessible and adaptable. It requires at least 10 per cent of (new build) dwellings to be ‘wheelchair user dwellings’, and all other (new build) dwellings to be ‘accessible and adaptable’. Policy H15 Specialist older persons housing requires boroughs to work with providers to identify sites which may be suitable for specialist older persons housing taking account of local housing needs information, including indicative annual benchmarks provided in table 4.4 in the draft Plan.

Through my Care and Support Specialised Housing (CASSH) Fund, I am making at least £100m of capital funding available to deliver specialist homes for older and disabled Londoners.  My Homes for Londoners team continue to work with registered providers and local authorities to develop more specialist homes.