Trust in Planning

MQT on 2019-01-17
Session date: 
January 17, 2019
Question By: 
Nicky Gavron
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Professor Tony Travers in his ‘Building Trust’ report says “As government steps back from paying for housing, roads, railways, streetscape and even health facilities, dependence on development will increase.  Ministers in particular, need to make clear that this is explicit policy.”  Do you agree, and do you think that this will build trust in the planning system?


Trust in Planning

Trust in Planning

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Development has an important role to play in providing transport and social infrastructure, in improving streets and public space and in delivering new homes for Londoners, and it is important that planners at the local and strategic level ensure that applications are doing all they can to contribute to the public good.

But public bodies must continue to play an important role in planning for growth, and in providing new infrastructure, facilities, and housing in ways that work for Londoners.

This is as true of housing delivery as it is of transport and social infrastructure, particularly as we work to increase the level of genuinely affordable housing that is available to Londoners.

My affordable homes programme is investing directly in new genuinely affordable housing, and my Building Council Homes programme is supporting local authorities to do the same. Nevertheless, we need more funding to meet London’s needs, and if the Government is serious about its housing ambitions, it needs to work with us constructively to provide large scale infrastructure investment.