MQT on 2019-01-17
Session date: 
January 17, 2019
Question By: 
David Kurten
Brexit Alliance Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor



Answer for Brexit

Answer for Brexit

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Chairman, I cannot think of any benefits or opportunities that crashing out of the European Union (EU) on 29 March [2019] without a deal would bring to London.  The fantasy of a painless no-deal Brexit flies in the face of economic facts.  We have already seen the damage done since the referendum result.  For 1.3 million low-income Londoners, a weakened pound has led to food and energy price hikes and has exacerbated an already challenging cost of living.


For businesses in London and across the country, uncertainty has hit investment and productivity.  Economic growth is below what it would otherwise have been.  The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has said that a no-deal Brexit would result in disruption for businesses and families and will leave the UK poorer and less competitive in the long term.  Just recently, Ralf Speth [Prof Dr Ralf Speth KBE FREng], the boss of Jaguar Land Rover, warned that it would lead to the closure of plants and major job losses.


The independent study I published last year [2018] showed that leaving the single market and Customs Union would do damage to jobs, growth and livelihoods in London and the UK.  These predictions have since been supported by the Government’s own forecasts.  The London Resilience Forum’s work showed that the Government had failed to set out clear plans for a no-deal Brexit in key areas such as food, fuel, border disruption and essential medical supplies.


Perhaps most distressing is the toll this is taking on 1 million EU Londoners and their families.  They will now need to apply for settled status in the country they call home.  I am deeply concerned that the Home Office’s proposed fees will prevent vulnerable people from applying and leaving them subject to the Government’s hostile environment.  The Prime Minister must address this as a matter of urgency.  I have already written to her to raise these issues but extremely disappointed that I am yet to receive a response.