Temple Station

MQT on 2018-12-20
Session date: 
December 20, 2018
Question By: 
Tony Devenish
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


In November 2017 we met with residents to discuss noise conditions near Temple Station. Since then the following has happened:

1. The full cooperation of Derek Wilson and Martin Tonner on organising and taking measurements three times. The overall results from the findings was an increase in excess of 250% during this time period with a continuing rapid rate of worsening.

2. One intervention of track grinding in January before the measurements taken as above.

3. One email from Sarah Herbert PA to Val Shawcross in June where we were told the matter is under review

4. One letter from Fay Milburn and the residents of the building to Mark Wild on 27 October with no reply

5. One petition to Mayor Khan on 1 November with no reply and a missed response deadline of 3 December

6. 370 days of continuing and unnecessary noise and vibration 19 hours a day affecting the residents and common parts of our building after being told from TFL that the matter would be resolved and that it was a simple replacement of sections of tracks.

Do you think that is acceptable?


Answer for Temple Station
Answer for Temple Station
Temple Station

Temple Station

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Tackling tube noise is a priority for me, and I continue to press Transport for London (TfL) to do all it can to minimise noise levels for its neighbours.

At the November 2017 meeting you refer to, TfL committed to carrying out rail grinding and undertaking noise measurements every 12 weeks. Rail grinding, which involves smoothing roughness from the rails (making it easier for train wheels to run along them) was carried out this area in January 2018.

TfL has continued to undertake regular noise measurements, in accordance with the commitment made in November 2017, with the most recent taken on 25 September 2018, when readings were taken at two different properties. On this date, average noise levels ranged from 31dB to 37dB.

The track was most recently inspected on 11 December 2018 and remains in good condition generally. During this inspection, TfL identified a redundant rail joint, which will be removed early in 2019. It is anticipated this will reduce disturbance for some impacted residents. TfL will continue to monitor the site and carry out regular noise measurements in this area.

TfL is finalising a response to the petition submitted on 1 November 2018 which will be sent out shortly, including to Fay Milburn. I apologise for the delay in responding to this petition.