Asthma in London (1)

MQT on 2018-11-22
Session date: 
November 22, 2018
Question By: 
Fiona Twycross
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


London has the worst rates for hospital admissions in London. What conversations are you having with London's NHS Trusts to support Londoners with asthma?


Answer for Asthma in London (1)
Asthma in London (1)

Asthma in London (1)

Answered By: 
The Mayor

I recently endorsed Healthy London Partnership’s annual #AskAboutAsthma campaign, which supports London’s health and care professionals reduce hospital admission by ensuring every child or young person with asthma: i) has an asthma management plan; ii) knows how to use their inhalers; and ii) has an annual asthma review.  The campaign also included an air pollution reduction toolkit for NHS Trusts.

The recently launched London Severe Asthma Network will link up all tertiary centres with other networks and foster partnership working.  This work is supported by an asthma implementation group which has representation from acute NHS Trusts.