Class710 electric trains

MQT on 2018-11-22
Session date: 
November 22, 2018
Question By: 
Caroline Pidgeon
Liberal Democrats
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


In January 2019 the delivery of the first of these trains to Arriva Rail London will be one year overdue. Has TfL any firm idea when these trains will begin carrying passengers?


Class710 electric trains

Class710 electric trains

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Bombardier Transportation, the manufacturer of the new electric trains, has told Transport for London (TfL) that, subject to further successful software development, the new trains should begin entering passenger service in the second half of December. TfL and I share your frustration at these continuing delays and TfL is fully focused on ensuring Bombardier delivers the trains as quickly as possible.

On behalf of Londoners, I have personally spoken to the President and Chief Executive Officer of Bombardier to express my extreme disappointment at the continuing delays and to demand his organisation does everything possible to get the new trains into passenger service as quickly as possible.