Quietways (1)

MQT on 2018-10-19
Session date: 
October 19, 2018
Question By: 
Leonie Cooper
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


A constituent has asked what date will those sections of Quietways 4 route that go through LB of Wandsworth be begun to be built and be completed?


Answer for Quietways (1)

Answer for Quietways (1)

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Construction of Quietway 4 (between Clapham Common and Earlsfield) is almost complete. The two outstanding schemes in the London Borough of Wandsworth are Magdalen Road and the Garrett Lane crossing.

Magdalen Road was constructed by the borough in early 2018. The design approved for this scheme by Transport for London (TfL) included three pedestrian crossings. Two crossings were removed from the design without TfL's approval. However, following further discussions, one of the two missing crossings has now been installed.

There was a consultation on a new signalised crossing at the junction of Garrett Lane, Waynefleet Street and Trewint Street. This proposal did not proceed due to local opposition.   

The borough has now developed proposals for an alternative scheme at the junction of Garratt Lane and Magdalen Road, using shared pedestrian/cycle crossings and a shared footway. However, TfL has advised that the footway is narrow, gets busy with pedestrians and does not provide enough space for cyclists. TfL and my Walking and Cycling Commissioner, Will Norman have therefore asked the borough to re-evaluate the original preferred alignment, in consultation with local councillors.