Bus services in London (Supplementary) [2]

Session date: 
May 17, 2018
Question By: 
Steve O'Connell
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Steve O’Connell AM:  Thank you very much.  On the consultation point, I am pleased that over the years I have been here to see an improvement in the way TfL has worked with local communities and I welcome the new Partnerships Team.


On a strategic point, I will not specially plead on individual routes, but for some considerable time we have been talking about the rebalancing of bus services from inner London to outer London, particularly zones 5 and 6, which many of us represent, where they are overdependent on bus services because there are no alternatives.  I regret that over a period of time we have not seen an improvement.  We have seen strategies and words about it, but, Mr Mayor, can I urge you to press a fast-forward button on what I call the “rebalancing” of bus services away from zones 1 and 2, where there are plenty of alternatives, out to zones 5 and 6?  Can I have your response to that, please?

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Answer for Bus services in London (Supplementary) [2]

Answer for Bus services in London (Supplementary) [2]

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London):  You are right.  We need to show that we are doing that.  Later on this year when the next plan for transport is published - and Assembly Member Eshalomi also raised this issue last time - we will give you details of the movement so that you can be reassured that we are seeing more bus kilometres in outer London than in inner London, as is the plan.


Steve O’Connell AM:  I look forward to that, Mr Mayor.  Thank you.