Zip Oyster - Transport for London enforcement policy

MQT on 2017-12-14
Session date: 
December 14, 2017
Question By: 
Caroline Russell
City Hall Greens
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Could you publish the outcome of the Transport for London (TfL) review into how enforcement staff deal with young people travelling without a valid Zip Oyster card?


Answer for Zip Oyster - Transport for London enforcement policy

Answer for Zip Oyster - Transport for London enforcement policy

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Earlier this year Transport for London (TfL) reviewed and implemented changes to its operational policy for dealing with young people found travelling on the bus network without a valid ticket for travel. 

The policy change ensures that no penalty fares will be issued to eleven or twelve-year olds found travelling without a valid ticket. Instead a letter is sent to the child's parent or guardian reminding them of the need for their child to travel with a Zip Oyster card or other valid ticket, a condition of the Zip scheme and behaviour code. 

TfL's revenue staff will use their discretion for how they deal with older children depending on the circumstances. 

Ultimately, the safety and welfare of the child is the most important factor in any such situation and the approach taken will be driven by this. For example, if a child does not have a ticket and needs to travel, then bus drivers and revenue staff will issue temporary permits to travel.