Sexual offences - prosecutions

MQT on 2017-11-16
Session date: 
November 16, 2017
Question By: 
Caroline Pidgeon
Liberal Democrats
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


The increase in the number of sexual offence reports, coupled with the fall in the number of sanction detection rates for sexual offences, is a huge cause of concern.  What action are you taking to improve the situation?


Answer for Sexual offences - prosecutions

Answer for Sexual offences - prosecutions

Answered By: 
The Mayor

I have prioritised rape and sexual violence in the Police and Crime Plan and will continue my investment in vital rape crisis provision. I appreciate the bravery and strength of the women and men who come forward to report, and understand and support those who do not feel ready to do so.

I want to understand what these increases in reports indicate  I will be working with partners to look beneath crime statistics so that we can say with much greater certainty what the changes in these figures mean.

There are a number of reasons as to why a case may not reach court, including the victim's readiness to engage with the criminal justice process, evidential difficulties and rape/serious sexual offences being some of the most complex crimes to investigate.

Police and MOPAC staff continue to work with key partners including the Crown Prosecution Service to look at how to improve Ministry of Justice outcomes. This work includes a review of processes and engaging with key partners to improve performance. Engagement and scrutiny takes place in many different forums including the London Rape Scrutiny Panel and the Rape Reference Group. The police also work with key partners to ensure victims are safeguarded and that they are referred to agencies where they can receive the appropriate level of care and support.