Night time economy

MQT on 2017-10-12
Session date: 
October 12, 2017
Question By: 
Andrew Dismore
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Further to Question No: 2017/3683

Further to Question No: 2017/3289:

50,000 people visit Camden Town each Friday and Saturday evening. This is equivalent to the crowd at a Premier League football match. Camden Town have a dedicated Police team of 6 officers on duty as well as the usual SNT team.

At a "category A" football match with 50,000 fans in London there would typically be 150 police officers.  There would also be 200 stewards. Football crowds are usually easier to police.  The majority of fans are home fans who   know what the best routes are and what the police will worry about.  They follow the same routes every 2 weeks or so.  Many night time  economy customers come only once every 3-6 months and are going to different places  and  don't have such an understanding of how to move around the area. Given this much lower policing ratio, is it any surprise that the streets of Camden Town (and other areas of London affected by night time economy crowds) see the level of incidents and anti-social behaviour that they do? 

Your response being:

'Officers are drafting a response which will be sent shortly.'

Will you now provide a substantive reply?

Your response being:

'Officers are drafting a response which will be sent shortly'

As this is third occasion on which I have now asked this question, will you now provide a substative reply?


Answer for Night time economy

Answer for Night time economy

Answered By: 
The Mayor

London's diverse night time economy is second to none and forms an essential part of the city's cultural offer, from our theatres and pubs, to our restaurants, music venues and nightclubs. It brings £26.3bn to London's economy every year and employs one in eight people in the capital.

Like you, I would welcome having more police officers to keep the city safe. As you know, after years of cuts, with more savings to find and with demand increasing in both volume and complexity, the Met is facing unprecedented challenges. That's why it is so important that we keep up the pressure on the Government to give the Met the funding it needs. This includes fully funding the National and International Capital Cities grant which currently does not cover the policing cost for a 24/7 global city like London.

My Police and Crime Plan sets out how the Metropolitan Police Service, Transport for London, British Transport Police, London Councils, London's business community and my Night Czar, Amy Lamé, work together to address safety including anti-social behaviour and crime at night. For example, by improving consistency in licensing across London and building partnerships between the police and businesses through business crime reduction partnerships and business improvement districts.

Philip Kolvin QC, the Chair of my Night Time Commission, recently gave evidence to the Assembly Economy Committee where he highlighted that the police, venues, councils and businesses all have a part to play in ensuring safety in the night time economy.