London’s security after Brexit

Committed By: 
The Mayor


Len Duvall AM:  There will be many tragedies on the back of this if we do not get this right.  Therefore, what I am asking you to do is urgently meet with the Home Secretary.


Will you also link up with Police and Crime Commissioners across the country?  London’s MPS is not just dealing with London.  We have a sense of leadership for the rest of policing in London.  Would you make them have common cause with the Government so that it has a sense of urgency to get on with this matter and to be clear about the direction that we are traveling?


Will you also contact your counterparts in other devolved assemblies and parliaments like Scotland and Wales?


Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London): Let me work on how I can accelerate the reassurance that we all need to make sure that the cross-borders work that takes place, which has led to people being brought back to London to face justice, for example, terrorists, which has led to dangerous people not being allowed to come here, which has led to good working together to investigate crime carries on after we leave the EU.  I will do that and I will then write back to Assembly Member Duvall to let him know what action I have taken, because he can then pass on the action we have taken as a consequence.