Police Now scheme

MQT on 2017-09-14
Session date: 
September 14, 2017
Question By: 
Andrew Dismore
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


How many officers under the Police Now scheme have been allocated as dedicated ward officers after completion of their 6 weeks training?


Answer for Police Now scheme

Answer for Police Now scheme

Answered By: 
The Mayor

It is an integral part of the Police Now programme that those recruits who complete their initial six weeks training are posted to a neighbourhood to serve as Dedicated Ward Officers (DWOs) for a period of two years.

Since they started in 2015, all 155 Police Now Constables who joined the MPS were posted as DWOs.

Note that after the two year period Police Now officers have a range of options. They may continue as a DWO, move to other roles in the MPS (including applying for a national Fast Track promotional programme) or seek further career development outside the MPS.