Temporary closure of cycle superhighway 2

MQT on 2017-08-10
Session date: 
August 10, 2017
Question By: 
Caroline Russell
City Hall Greens
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


On 15 July 2017 a section of cycle superhighway 2 was closed following the Lovebox festival, diverting cyclists onto a busy section of dual carriageway. Did Transport for London (TfL) make a traffic order for this closure and what prior notice was given to the public?


Answer for Temporary closure of cycle superhighway 2

Answer for Temporary closure of cycle superhighway 2

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Part of Cycle Superhighway 2 was closed at the end of the Lovebox festival to allow for a queuing system at Mile End Underground Station. The decision was taken by the event organisers for safety reasons and to prevent crowds from spilling into the main carriageway. Transport for London (TfL), Tower Hamlets, the emergency services and event security were all consulted.

The local borough prepares any Traffic Order required for an event that is planned to take place wholly inside their borough. This was the case with the Lovebox festival in Victoria Park. The London Borough of Tower Hamlets has confirmed that appropriate advance warning signs were placed on the Cycle Superhighway in the lead up to the event.

TfL is working with the Tower Hamlets to determine whether there may be alternative arrangements for future years that avoid closing the Cycle Superhighway.