London Bridge Attack Inquests

MQT on 2017-07-13
Session date: 
July 13, 2017
Question By: 
Tony Arbour
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


It has been reported that the details related to the opening of the inquests at 09:30 on Tuesday 27 June 2017  into the deaths of the three London Bridge terror attackers was not shared with the media, which led to it going almost entirely unreported until an audio recording was released. It was also reported that the Metropolitan Police Service didn't issue a press release related to the inquests until 18:01, which announced that the inquests had begun. What steps will you be taking to ensure the Metropolitan Police Service inform the press and the public in a timely fashion of future such events?


Answer for London Bridge Attack Inquests

Answer for London Bridge Attack Inquests

Answered By: 
The Mayor

It is for the Coroner, who is responsible for the inquest, to inform the media when inquests are due to open. This process is separate to and independent of the MPS.  Individual coroners are provided communication support by local authorities, and centrally by the Ministry of Justice.

The MPS issued a statement after the inquests of the three London Bridge attackers had opened and adjourned to confirm that a senior officer had presented evidence to the Coroner.