Catalyst Housing

MQT on 2017-07-13
Session date: 
July 13, 2017
Question By: 
David Kurten
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Catalyst Housing oversees more than 21,000 homes across London and the south-east. At its Caulfield Park development in South Acton, which was completed in 2011, residents say they have complained for more than five years about lifts that are constantly out of order, infestation by rodents and faulty plumbing. Given that Caulfield Park's construction was assisted by £19.5m in grants from the GLA, can the Mayor tell me what practical steps are being taken to rectify this state of affairs.


Answer for Catalyst Housing

Answer for Catalyst Housing

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Catalyst is taking steps at Caulfield Park to address the issues raised by residents. The Neighbourhood Manager is working closely with residents to implement a detailed action plan that addresses these issues.

To tackle rodents, they have carried out proofing work, compartmentalisation of riser cupboards, and a programme of baiting in the communal areas. 

To ensure lifts are well maintened, the relevant records have been surveyed and reviewed by an independent lift consultant whose opinion is that the maintenance regime is of a good standard.

To improve hot water supply, the planned maintenance regime has been increased and a number of major components upgraded to improve reliability and resilience

Monthly written updates on implementation of the action plan are supplied to all residents.