Compensation claims from TfL Rail and London Overground

MQT on 2017-01-18
Session date: 
January 18, 2017
Question By: 
Caroline Pidgeon
Liberal Democrats
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


In December 2016 the Office of Rail and Road published a report showing that TfL Rail and London Overground had a relatively poor record in providing online and printed information for compensation claims.  What steps does TfL Rail and London Overground have to make in order to match the service provided by most other train operators in providing compensation information relating to the provision of: (a) dedicated paper claims forms, (b) a direct link from its website homepage, and (c) a dedicated PDF claim form on its website.


Answer for Compensation claims from TfL Rail and London Overground

Answer for Compensation claims from TfL Rail and London Overground

Answered By: 
The Mayor

TfL and I are totally committed to making refunds easily available to customers, including sending refunds to passengers automatically when services are disrupted without the need for them to submit a claim.  TfL can do this as many of our passengers now use Oyster or contactless payment cards.

The rest of the rail industry is still heavily reliant on paper tickets.  This makes auto-refunding difficult and as a result the Office of Rail Responsibility's (ORR's) focus has been on the manual claims process.

The ORR has identified two areas where TfL practice differs from what it is recommending for the industry as a whole.

First, the ORR is recommending that there should be a direct 'single click' link to the refunds page from each operator's website home page.  The TfL website requires two clicks to get from the home page to the refunds page.

TfL considers the ORR single click policy is appropriate for a dedicated train operator such as Great Western or GTR but that the breadth of TfL's services make this less appropriate for TfL. The TfL website homepage includes services such as cycle-hire, rivers and the congestion charge as well as buses and rail. 

Secondly, the ORR is recommending that paper refund claim forms should be available at stations and for printing online.

TfL has invested extensively in high quality, online application processes, which minimise the risk of mistakes and errors by customers which then have to be corrected, causing delays and frustration to customers and cost to TfL.

Reverting to paper forms in London would be a backwards step and not in customers' best interest. Customers who are unable to apply for refunds online are able to ring TfL's customer services team to obtain a refund.