Honour Based Violence and Forced Marriage

MQT on 2017-01-18
Session date: 
January 18, 2017
Question By: 
Navin Shah
Labour Group
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The Mayor


HMIC Report (December 2015) examined the approach of police forces in England and Wales in relation to the protection of victims from the harm caused by honour based violence, forced marriage and FGM. The report made a series of recommendations for implementation by June 2016 and a further recommendation for implementation by 8 December 2016. Where does Met Police stand in the context of this report?


Answer for Honour Based Violence and Forced Marriage

Answer for Honour Based Violence and Forced Marriage

Answered By: 
The Mayor

The HMIC 'Honour-based' Violence inspection had three recommendations for Chief Constables.

Recommendation 9 requested that the police, with partner agencies undertake research and analysis using diverse sources to understand better the nature and scale of Honour Based Violence (HBV), Female Mutilation (FM) and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), and use this information to raise awareness and understanding amongst police officers and staff

As a result, for the last three financial years the Met HQ Strategy and Insight has created a report on FM and HBV. This report provides an evidenced based picture to prevent and reduce HBA & FM crime and incidents. This data report has been shared with borough CSU units to raise awareness and encourage feedback.

The MPS are also compiling a Problem Profile for FGM - supported by NHS England. A working group has been established to look at how the MPS can best integrate multi agency data and overlay into existing or future maps. The NHS is leading on this process as they have access to datasets regarding FGM prevalence.

Officers and staff have been provided with awareness raising sessions focusing on referral pathways, including identifying how victims can access support and counselling from various registered charity organisations. Met Training is delivering FM & HBA awareness to officers. Awareness raising will also be achieved across the MPS through a mandatory Professional Development Day for all officers on the theme of 'Traditional Harmful Practices'.  Whilst Met Training will deliver training, the sessions will be co-created by subject matter experts for each area.

Recommendation 10 requested that police should ensure that information management processes are in place to record and flag HBV, FM and FGM information in an efficient, effective and systematic way.

The MPS now has searchable flags for FGM, HBV and Forced Marriage on CRIS & CrimInt. A Merlin report is created to alert partner agencies to Adult and Child Safeguarding issues through the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hubs.

Finally, Recommendation 11 requested that police together with partner agencies should ensure they have clear policies and joint working structures in place to ensure an integrated approach to HBV, FM and FGM.

The CPS and MPS have completed a Joint NPCC and CPS HBV and FM Protocol. This product will support frontline investigators and CPS prosecutors.

The MPS has produced a National HBA, FM and FGM delivery plan For England, Wales and Northern Ireland 2015-2018 that states the Police Service aims to achieve its strategic intentions through a programme of work based on Prevention, Protection, Prosecution and Partnership.