Provision of contact facilities (2)

MQT on 2016-10-19
Session date: 
October 19, 2016
Question By: 
Florence Eshalomi
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


TfL maintain a contact address at "Taxi and Private Hire Operator Licensing, PO Box 177, Sheffield, S98 1JY". Why is this based in Sheffield and not London? How many other such contact points do TfL maintain outside of London?


Answer for Provision of contact facilities (2)

Answer for Provision of contact facilities (2)

Answered By: 
The Mayor

TfL's supply chain stretches throughout the country, supporting more than 60,000 jobs outside the capital. This includes the service providers which TfL uses to help it deliver some services.  

The contact centre in Sheffield is where TfL's service provider, NSL Limited, carries out bulk-scanning of driver, operator and vehicle licencing applications on TfL's behalf. TfL receives and processes a vast amount of documents on a daily basis, so bulk-scanning is an essential part of ensuring the licensing process remains efficient.

In addition to the bulk-scanning service, NSL Limited (who work in the regulated environments of health, central and local government) carry out all vehicle licensing and inspection services on TfL's behalf. TfL carries out driver and operator licensing activity in-house in London and there are no plans to change this.

TfL also uses the following outsourced customer contact or postal processing centres outside of London. These complement TfL's London-based contact centres, such as the  one based at North Greenwich which deals with Oyster and contactless payment and queries and complaints about TfL's Tube, bus and street services, the Dial-a-Ride contact centre in Bermondsey, and the Santander Cycles contact centre in Enfield.

Arbroath, Scotland: Customer contact centre managed by Journey Call, which is responsible for handling all enquiries relating to lost or stolen Oyster cards and around 60 per cent of all other Oyster enquires.

Northampton: Customer contact centre managed by Novacroft, which is responsible for the creation and delivery of all TfL fares concession photo cards, related phone calls and correspondence.

Darlington: Postal processing centre managed by CDIS who TfL engage through a contract with Capita to manage correspondence on red routes complaints and Congestion Charging matters.

Dearne Valley, near Rotherham: Customer contact call centre managed by Capita which is responsible for handling incoming calls relating to Congestion Charging, the Low Emissions Zone and Red Routes. This includes handling general enquiries and complaints, taking payments and dealing with enquiries about Penalty Charge Notices.