Energy for London

MQT on 2016-09-14
Session date: 
September 14, 2016
Question By: 
Leonie Cooper
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


The creation of "Energy for London" was a key part of your manifesto. Could you update us on what progress have you made so far towards its establishment?

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Answer for Energy for London

Answer for Energy for London

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London):  Thank you, Assembly Member Cooper.  “Energy for London” is an umbrella term for my approach to energy and climate change mitigation, which aims to cut London’s carbon emissions and help Londoners out of fuel poverty.


Energy for Londoners is designed to tackle the significant energy challenges London faces - security, affordability and sustainability - whilst supporting my ambitious carbon emissions reduction target.  I want Energy for Londoners to take an ambitious and innovative approach to energy and climate change mitigation, be readily recognised and trusted by Londoners through bringing our approach under one banner, provide a focal point for investment in energy and climate change programmes and measures, boost opportunities for leverage of capital to increase the impact of programmes and enable a more inclusive and coherent relationship with the boroughs and other stakeholders of energy and climate change delivery, while ensuring the GLA group is leading by example through our own carbon reduction programmes.  The key objectives of Energy for Londoners are to reduce CO2 emissions and alleviate fuel poverty through energy efficiency in buildings, retrofitting, increased generation of clean energy, low-carbon heat, fair and more affordable energy tariffs and better, more effective use of energy.


While progress has been made internally on Energy for Londoners, I am expecting much more over the coming months.  This is one of the reasons why I have appointed my new Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy, Shirley Rodrigues, to drive this programme forward.  Shirley will be on board from early next month.  A project team and internal governance group have been established and clear objectives for Energy for Londoners have been set.  A particular focus of officers has been my commitment to establish a not-for-profit energy company, and my officers have been taking advantage of the wealth of experience amongst stakeholders to undertake an initial feasibility assessment and options appraisal process.  We need to ensure that this company delivers for Londoners at the lowest cost and least risk.


My team has also been engaged with the boroughs in the development of plans to ensure that they are both supported and engaged as they will be a vital part of delivering Energy for Londoners.  We will soon be setting out the long-term strategy for the not-for-profit energy company following detailed business modelling.  My Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy will set out our approach in more detail after she takes up her position in October.


Leonie Cooper AM:  Thank you very much, Mr Mayor, and I greatly look forward to the time when Shirley Rodrigues [Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy] starts next month.


You talked about liaison with the boroughs, but there are many community and civil society organisations, fuel poverty groups and think-tanks that also have been developing a lot of ideas about what Energy for London could be and could deliver.  I just wondered how they will be consulted and how they will feed in as well.


Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London):  We have already started speaking to them.  A lot of the - if you will forgive the pun - energy behind Energy for London has come from those sorts of groups.  We will carry on speaking to them and making sure that their views are taken on board.


Leonie Cooper AM:  It is Community Energy Fortnight that this Mayor’s Question Time is falling in, with over 50 events being held nationally, kicked off by a big conference in Oxford for Community Energy England and Community Energy Wales.  Recently, last week, a number of community groups got together in London and they were talking about setting up Community Energy London to create a point of contact for City Hall.


I wondered if you had thoughts on that, particularly bearing in mind that recent London Community Energy share offers have been oversubscribed and subscribed before the time was up, highlighting a very clear appetite from ordinary Londoners to invest in community energy, with central Government now effectively side-lining its support for community energy despite obvious vibrancy and interest.  How will you be looking to ensure that community energy thrives in the capital and will it form part of Energy for London?


Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London):  I know the Assembly Member has expertise in this area, but there is a great appetite from Londoners around this area; just look at the responses to consultation in relation to air quality.


Can I suggest that the Assembly Member meets with Shirley [Rodrigues, Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy] as soon as possible?  I will try to see if I have access to her diary to make sure it happens sooner rather than later because what I want to do is make sure that she is plugged into some of the energy and excitement taking place in stakeholders across London.


Leonie Cooper AM:  That would be extremely helpful and thank you very much for that.