Name blind shortlisting for recruitment in the GLA group (2)

MQT on 2016-07-20
Session date: 
July 20, 2016
Question By: 
Sian Berry
City Hall Greens
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Anonymising the shortlisting stage of the selection process when recruiting staff helps to reduce unconscious biases. Will you ask for name-blind shortlisting processes to be used in all GLA group organisations for all posts where it is appropriate?


Answer for Name blind shortlisting for recruitment in the GLA group (2)

Answer for Name blind shortlisting for recruitment in the GLA group (2)

Answered By: 
The Mayor


Following a short pilot, City Hall will begin using name blind recruitment from the autumn, following changes to the online application form.



When undertaking Graduate/Apprentice and high-volume recruitment for customer service roles recruitment, TfL already operates an anonymised shortlisting process for all roles. In addition, TfL has launched a trial, which ends in September, to remove applicants’ personal data, including their name, in around 20 per cent of all its recruitment campaigns. Analysis of this trial will be used to inform TfL’s recruitment strategy going forward.



The MPS do not use name-blind recruitment for new entrants. All candidates joining the Met as either police officers or staff must be able to meet the eligibility criteria around convictions and security vetting; therefore all details must be known in order to carry out appropriate checks.


Name-blind recruitment is however used internally within MPS promotion and transfer selection processes.


MOPAC ss an equal opportunities employer and has policies which positively encourage recruitment from all sections of the community.  It is keeping the option of name-blind recruitment under review and will study the learning from other bodies although which, as indicated above, makes this more difficult.  It is a requirement for most MOPAC posts that the holder should be vetted and therefore some of the points above also apply.



LLDC is committed to the promotion of diversity and equal opportunity in our recruitment and employment policies, practices and procedures however the LLDC does not currently implement a blind shortlisting policy within its recruitment process.  We are aware that the GLA are piloting a scheme and look forward to receiving the results.



London Fire Brigade already operates a name-blind shortlisting process, where applications are anonymised at the shortlisting stage. The only exception to this is for the Top Management Group when CVs/personal statements are submitted as part of the application.