Old Oak Common MDC (Support for Residents)

MQT on 2016-05-25
Session date: 
May 25, 2016
Question By: 
Onkar Sahota
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Given the huge scale of the proposed developments at Old Oak Common, and the significant impact this will have on existing communities, such as those in Wells House Road, will the Mayor revisit the decision of his predecessor not to provide funding and support to the community, and instead ensure that they can be an integral partner in the future planning of their community?


Answer for Old Oak Common MDC (Support for Residents)

Answer for Old Oak Common MDC (Support for Residents)

Answered By: 
The Mayor

OPDC is working with existing residential and business communities in a variety of practical and innovative ways. The OPDC Board has a local resident and a local business member.  OPDC undertook extensive engagement in the Local Plan consultation including organising neighbourhood meetings and engagement events.  OPDC has now recruited an engagement team who will work with "local champions" to help existing communities to ensure they can play an active role in the future planning of their community. In addition OPDC have funded an internship for the Park Royal Business Group to support local business engagement. All this amounts to a significant package of support for the local community, and working with the local boroughs I will ask OPDC to explore how this package can be enhanced further.