Questions to the Mayor on his Final Draft Consolidated Budget (Supplementary) [13]

Session date: 
February 22, 2016
Question By: 
Gareth Bacon
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Gareth Bacon AM:  Mr Mayor, that was terribly entertaining, of course.  However, to pick up on a couple of points as a prelude to my question, the reason that the nine stations Mr Dismore [Andrew Dismore AM] referred to were off the run is because there was a shortage of officers.  It had nothing to do with second appliances.  He knows this very well because he put exactly that question to the Commissioner [Ron Dobson CBE QFSM, Commissioner for Fire and Emergency Planning, London Fire Brigade] last week at the Fire Authority and received that answer.


He also referred to ignoring the public consultation, but 0.02% of Londoners responded to the consultation, Mr Mayor.  As he well knows because it was his Government that passed the legislation, consultations are not referenda; they are consultations.


He mentioned also the 13 appliances and talked about how alternative funding was there available for it.  Again, as he well knows, this funding is short-term funding.  It is little pockets of unspent funding that will last for 12 months.


The question, Mr Mayor, is: do you think that Labour’s ‘magic money tree’ will soon be sending volumes of cash to the fire service and that we should take the leap of using one-off pots of funding to fund ongoing revenue commitments or not?


Answer for Questions to the Mayor on his Final Draft Consolidated Budget (Supplementary) [13]

Answer for Questions to the Mayor on his Final Draft Consolidated Budget (Supplementary) [13]

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Boris Johnson MP (Mayor of London):  The difference between this administration and the previous administration is that we have borne down on costs.  When we had an opportunity to make savings, in spite of political pain, we have taken the pain and made the savings.  That was the right thing to do for Londoners.


Gareth Bacon AM:  Given that Labour’s ‘magic money tree’ is not going to be delivering lots of funding for the London Fire Brigade going into the future, are you looking forward to receiving Labour’s budget amendment that will put that money in?


Boris Johnson MP (Mayor of London):  It is very striking that Labour has not produced a budget amendment.  As I said earlier on, it seems to be to do with some civil war taking place in the Labour Party.  We should let them get on with it.  I am grateful to you for your support.


Gareth Bacon AM:  Thank you, Mr Mayor.