Nunhead Reservoir Campaign Group

MQT on 2016-02-22
Session date: 
February 22, 2016
Question By: 
Jenny Jones
City Hall Greens
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


With reference to your London Plan policy supporting publically accessible open spaces, will you encourage Thames Water to work with the Nunhead reservoir campaign group that is lobbying for the removal of a new security fence preventing local residents from accessing this green space and enjoying the panoramic views it previously offered?


Answer for Nunhead Reservoir Campaign Group

Answer for Nunhead Reservoir Campaign Group

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Nunhead Reservoir is a piece of critical national infrastructure, which supplies drinking water to thousands of Londoners. There has always been a security fence at the site and unauthorised access to the site is trespassing. Due to an increase in anti-social behaviour at the site Thames Water has had to install increased security measures.

My officers have spoken to Thames Water about this issue and I understand that Thames is in conversation with local groups about working to allow public access to the Reservoir but the over-riding priority must be the safety and security of Londoners' drinking water.