Dollis Valley Greenwalk

MQT on 2015-10-21
Session date: 
October 21, 2015
Question By: 
Andrew Dismore
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Barnet Council have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds of Transport for London money on the "upgrade" of Dollis Valley Greenwalk from Dollis Road to Fursby Road. This was done without any public consultation, proper planning or consideration of the Health and Safety of users. Users were not informed of the works until the month before the project was scheduled and then with just basic information. The resulting path does not comply with the Department for Transport 'Shared Use Routes for Pedestrians and Cyclists (LTN 1/12)' or TfL's 'London Cycling Design Standards'. This is also an area for Nature Conservation and Green Chains but this was not considered with trees and vegetation removed, the contours changed, and, many plants, likely in seed form, foreign to the area brought in during the path construction and not monitored or eliminated when they later grew. In the process of building this path, the contractors raised it in some places by more than 40cm and it consisted of various layers - gravel, base layer asphalt and top layer. The majority of users are pedestrians where the interaction with the surface is with a foot strike. The harder the surface is, the greater the force back through the body. If you are jogging or running the force is even greater. The needs of pedestrians have been overlooked in the interest of cyclists: do you agree that pedestrians should be given proper priority in this Walk and what are you going to do to ensure TfL money is spent appropriately?


Answer for Dollis Valley Greenwalk

Answer for Dollis Valley Greenwalk

Answered By: 
The Mayor

The improvements to the Dollis Valley Greenwalk were funded through the Local Improvement Plan (LIP) funding that TfL and I awarded to Barnet. The scheme was submitted by Barnet and approved by TfL as it meets my Transport Strategy and LIP guidance for improving facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users, including those will mobility impairments.

Under the standard LIP funding arrangements, Barnet Council undertook the design, feasibility, consultation and construction of the scheme to ensure that it is in line with current standards and legislation.  The path is 2.5 metres wide at its narrowest, widening elsewhere to 3 metres. It is constructed of standard materials that meet the relevant construction guidelines, and as such the surface of the path is suitable for use by pedestrians and joggers without discomfort. To ensure that pedestrian safety and comfort is maintained, the 3m-wide bridge allows adequate space for cyclists to pass pedestrians, and posts have been installed as an additional pedestrian safety measure.

A TfL officer has carried out a site visit to ensure that the work has been completed to the correct standard, and I understand that Barnet Council has subsequently installed the appropriate 'shared use' signage. I am therefore confident that the Greenwalk meets the needs of both pedestrians and cyclists, and I am happy that the scheme constitutes an appropriate investment of TfL funds.