Harrow Cycling

MQT on 2015-10-21
Session date: 
October 21, 2015
Question By: 
Navin Shah
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Thank you for your reply to Question No: 2015/2973.

Many of the current Quietway proposals, especially the one proposed in Harrow, seem to be minor adaptations of existing LCN quiet routes, and are not necessarily quiet or direct. With such little Quietway money spread thinly among the boroughs, it will not be possible to make much difference to overall cycling levels.

Harrow's Cycling lobby recommends and contends that targeted high quality schemes will be more cost effective in boroughs such as Harrow. Instead of the long, convoluted Quietway considered for Harrow, could the Quietway money be spent instead on segregated cycle routes around Northwick Park roundabout and along roads leading from it to the town centre (Sheepcote Road / Station Road and Kenton Road / Lowlands Road)?

This would tie in with the major redevelopment of Harrow Town Centre (the proposed 'Opportunity Area') and would help Harrow residents to see the benefits of high quality cycle paths and that it is feasible to build them in Harrow.


Answer for Harrow Cycling

Answer for Harrow Cycling

Answered By: 
The Mayor

The objective of the Quietways programme is to provide a cross-London network of high-quality quiet routes with clear wayfinding that use parks, waterways and quiet streets to provide an alternative to cycling on busy main roads.  All proposed Quietway routes have been assessed against criteria that includes (but is not limited to) attractiveness, directness and cohesion, and a balance between these has been sought. The Quietways in Harrow are not indirect or convoluted.

TfL has undertaken an initial assessment of the route with the London Boroughs of Harrow & Brent to identify a proposed alignment between Wembley Park and Harrow Weald (via Harrow Town Centre) that meets the Quietways criteria.  The nature of the Quietways programme is that investment will be targeted at points where the existing cycling level of service does not meet Quietways standards e.g. along busy roads, at junctions or at severance points.  As you suggest, part of this route includes the existing LCN and a full assessment of this section will be carried out.  As stated in my response to question 2015/2973, TfL and the Borough will commence feasibility early 2016 to define the scope of the proposed interventions and confirm the alignment.