Downhills Way/Lordship Lane junction, N17

MQT on 2015-09-16
Session date: 
September 16, 2015
Question By: 
Joanne McCartney
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Local residents have complained to me regarding pedestrian safety at the junction of Downhills Way/Lordship Lane junction, N17. TfL have previously told local councillors that no changes would be made until the Tottenham Gyratory works had been completed. Can you investigate the safety of this junction and look into whether a green man signal can be implemented in this location?


Answer for Downhills Way/Lordship Lane junction, N17

Answer for Downhills Way/Lordship Lane junction, N17

Answered By: 
The Mayor

The London Borough of Haringey is the Highway Authority for this junction. Any proposals to change the facilities would need to be proposed by LB Haringey and then would be subject to review by TfL on the operation of the strategic network.

TfL meet regularly with Borough officers to discuss their traffic signal requirements and officers will highlight the request to review the 'green man' facilities at the next regular meeting, which is scheduled for 22 October 2015.