Burst water pipe incident in Kennington

MQT on 2015-07-15
Session date: 
July 15, 2015
Question By: 
Valerie Shawcross
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


During the recent burst water main incident in Kennington on 29 June, many passengers were delayed on buses which were caught up in the congestion caused by the flooding and associated road closures.  Can you please explain why,  when buses are all equipped within tannoys and live communications with drivers, passengers were not advised of what was happening or offered and opportunity to choose a different route for their journey on some bus services?  


Answer for Burst water pipe incident in Kennington

Answer for Burst water pipe incident in Kennington

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Following the incident in Kennington, TfL's control centre immediately contacted drivers and service controllers about the cause of the delays so that passengers could be kept informed.  Information was also displayed on TfL's Twitter feed and Countdown signs, as well as the TfL website.  Announcements were made to inform passengers that bus tickets were being accepted on London Underground.  TfL apologises for any inconvenience caused to passengers if they were not made aware of the incident.

TfL recognises the need for good information during times of disruption.  Funding has been allocated in its Business Plan to enhance this aspect of bus driver training.