London Overground services (3)

MQT on 2015-07-15
Session date: 
July 15, 2015
Question By: 
Navin Shah
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Why does your initial new train order not provide for five trains per hour from the start on the Gospel Oak-to-Barking line? Will six trains per hour ever be possible?

Will the new trains there, and on the West Anglia lines, provide some transverse seating, and dedicated separate cycle storage?


Answer for London Overground services (3)

Answer for London Overground services (3)

Answered By: 
The Mayor

Train paths are a matter for Network Rail and TfL has ongoing discussions with them about this.


The introduction of four car trains from 2018, once electrification is complete, will almost double the capacity of the existing service. Increasing the frequency of trains on the line is possible and TfL has options to procure rolling stock. TfL has been discussing these matters with Network Rail. In order to achieve six trains per hour, infrastructure works, such as provision for additional platforms at either Gospel Oak or Barking, must be addressed first.


The draft Anglia Route study, which has been produced by Network Rail, suggests that six trains per hour will be required in the longer term (Network Rail uses a reference date of 2043) and TfL agrees with that conclusion.


The Gospel Oak to Barking line trains will have Tube-style seating, similar to London Overground trains on the East and North London lines. West Anglia trains will have some transverse seating. Both train types will include wheelchair spaces and multi-use areas which can be used by cycles.