Police ranks

MQT on 2015-07-15
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July 15, 2015
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Tony Arbour
GLA Conservatives
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The Mayor


The College of Policing's Leadership Review said that the "existing number of [police officer] ranks, each of which creates a layer of supervision and bureaucracy, can inhibit the development of an aspirational culture in which every member of the organisation seeks to operate at the highest level they can attain". It also said that "the distance between the majority of the workforce and senior leaders created by the rank hierarchy can reduce the willingness of some to adhere to best practice or seek development opportunities". The Review suggested that the current set of police ranks, most of which were introduced under the Metropolitan Police Act 1829, should be reduced and a review should be conducted. Do you support reforms of the current set of police ranks, and how will the Metropolitan Police Service engage with any upcoming review?


Answer for Police ranks
Police ranks

Police ranks

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The Mayor

MOPAC and the MPS welcome the College of Policing's Leadership Review. 

I would be interested in proposals which create a more streamlined police force along the lines of the "delayering" seen elsewhere in public services.  

This follows from the commitment in my Police and Crime Plan to reduce supervision and bring average supervisor: officer roles more closely into line with the rest of the country.

My Police and Crime Plan has also committed to reduce the number of officers of ACPO rank and considerable progress has been made from 37 in 2012 to 31in April 2015.

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