Engine idling - taxi ranks

MQT on 2015-07-15
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July 15, 2015
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Stephen Knight
Liberal Democrats
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The Mayor


Further to your answer to MQ2014/3094, what progress have you made in persuading London boroughs to (re)introduce taxi marshals at idling hotpots?


Answer for Engine idling - taxi ranks
Engine idling - taxi ranks

Engine idling - taxi ranks

Answered By: 
The Mayor

As part of the Cleaner Air Fund initiative in 2011/12, a number of different activities were implemented to reduce harmful emissions and help improve air quality in London. One of these activities was taxi marshalling at busy mainline station taxi ranks. The marshals managed passenger and taxi queues but also spoke to taxi drivers to promote 'eco/smarter driving' techniques such as switching off their engine and avoiding unnecessary engine idling.

The funding for this work was provided by the Department for Transport and is no longer available.  However TfL's officers remain eager to engage with any boroughs who are interested in discussing the use of taxi marshals and the benefits these provide.

TfL is working with the boroughs to increase the number of taxi ranks in the capital so drivers have designated space to stop and be hired from and reduce the need for them to drive around waiting to be hailed. As part of this work, the TfL Commissioner has written to every London borough asking them to support the appointment of new taxi ranks.

Further progress is being made with boroughs to address idling. For instance, the London Borough of Lambeth will receive £59,000 under the Mayor's Air Quality Fund in 2015/16 toward a proposal to reduce air pollution caused unnecessarily by drivers leaving their engines running whilst stationary. The borough is also contributing £40,000 matched-funding towards this initiative and has proposed engagement and enforcement activities to deter this type of behaviour and sustain this change. The borough is to produce a report outlining their findings.

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