Open data and vision zero

MQT on 2015-07-15
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July 15, 2015
Question By: 
Darren Johnson
City Hall Greens
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The Mayor


With the frequently excellent results obtained by releasing TfL data on train, bus, and bike hire real time operations, as open-data for independent developers, we see many applications available for public use and information, delivered at minimal cost to TfL and great benefit to London. It would thus appear to be equally beneficial to release data on safety related incidents, so that greater analysis can be applied to the this issue and lessons learned from the pattern and type of incidents.  Will TfL be making such data more openly available in pursuing their stated Vision Zero objective?  


Answer for Open data and vision zero

Answer for Open data and vision zero

Answered By: 
The Mayor

TfL already publish current data extracts of casualties and vehicle information on the TfL website. This is available at under the heading 'Data Extracts - Collision Data.'

Data is available from 2005 onwards and contains the following information with regard to casualties: location (coordinates), casualty severity and mode. Gender, age and any pedestrian crossing information are also provided if known.

The associated vehicles data file, which sits alongside the casualties data files, contains the following information: location (coordinates) and vehicle type. If known, vehicle manoeuvres (for example, if skidding occurred), lane restrictions, junction location, vehicle impact, journey purpose, driver gender and age are also provided.

TfL also publishes provisional quarterly summaries of collision and casualty data, an end of year factsheet and an annual report.

As part of TfL's open data approach, TfL is developing an interactive mapping tool which will allow the public to view collision information anywhere in London by location back to 2005.