Swan Road, West Drayton

MQT on 2015-06-17
Session date: 
June 17, 2015
Question By: 
Onkar Sahota
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Will the Mayor confirm if TfL have expressed concerns to Hillingdon Council over road safety on Swan Road, West Drayton, given its use to route the U3? Given the concerns expressed by residents in the area, what steps are TfL reasonably able to take to address safety concerns?


Answer for Swan Road, West Drayton

Answer for Swan Road, West Drayton

Answered By: 
The Mayor

In the three years to the end of December 2014 there have been five collisions on Swan Road (between Station Rd and Drayton Gardens), resulting in six people being slightly injured, with no injury to cyclists or pedestrians at this location.  While TfL and the London boroughs seek to reduce the incidence of such collisions on London's roads, with finite resources highway authorities must prioritise funding for road safety engineering measures.

Each year, TfL provides all London boroughs, including the London borough of Hillingdon, with a list of the locations on the borough road network that are highest risk and most in need of engineering improvements. This list is based upon the number collisions where a vulnerable road user (pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist) was killed or seriously injured.  As there have been no people killed or seriously injured on Swan Road in the last three years, this road is not identified as a priority location to the London borough of Hillingdon.

However, all London boroughs are allocated Local Implementation Funding (LIP) with which they develop their own road safety plans. If there are local resident concerns regarding road safety in the Swan Road area then TfL would encourage the London Borough of Hillingdon to look into these and determine an appropriate response.