MQT on 2015-03-25
Session date: 
March 25, 2015
Question By: 
Fiona Twycross
Labour Group
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


Please provide the notes from the meeting referred to in response to question 2015/0746.


Answer for Childcare

Answer for Childcare

Answered By: 
The Mayor

The notes from the 'GLA support to the Early Years' meeting are being incorporated into a longer briefing note, summarising the GLA's findings in early years education and childcare consultations and research so far. We will be using this document to outline our proposals for additional work by the GLA in this area and will send it to you in the summer for your information. The key, summary points (below) of the 8 December meeting were sent to attendees. We have since kept in touch with the group through smaller meetings and ongoing communications

       There is a cost price vs. allocated funding issue with the 2 year old offer. Collectively, we need to work across the sector to unpack this and determine what the 'real time' funding picture looks like pan-London.

       Childcare and early years provision relates to a number of GLA functions: such as health, housing, planning and regeneration. Identifying and mobilising a sustainable model for championing best practice, in collaboration with other GLA priority areas, would be useful.

       There is a call to celebrate early years education and childcare through recognising excellent practice, rather than constantly pointing out the challenges. There is also a call to more generally champion choice and flexibility in childcare.

       The quality of Local Authority Market Management of Early Years childcare is variable, so highlighting good practice here could be useful.

       There was a suggestion that work with employers to encourage flexible working for parents be undertaken, thus making more childcare options a possibility for more families.